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Africa is one great continent. It boasts of untold treasures to unfold to those who have the time to take a journey and discover its many hidden secrets. There are ancient temples, pyramids, tombs. There are wild animals and rain forests. The beauty of nature is all over, what with its stunning natural wonder and wildlife. Below are just a few of the many wonders of this great continent. These places are a must-see for anyone who would like to peek into this beautiful continent.


In Abu Simbel in Egypt are the temples called The Great and The Small. These temples are famous for their dazzling magnificence. They are also known for being relocated from their original location on a sandstone cliff near the Nile River. These temples were carved out of sandstone over 3000 years ago. It was during the reign of Ramesses II that these temples were built and was dedicated to him, his wife and to the Egyptian gods.


Mount Kilimanjaro, nicknamed Kili, is the highest mountain in Africa. This is further featured at It rises to about 19, 340 feet above the plains of Africa. It is quite unusual that its peak is very much accessible to anyone making pilgrimages each year, even though they are not as fit to climb a tall mountain. If you are going on a trip to Tanzania, you should not miss this climb to the peak of Kili. Its scenery at the peak is said to be breathtaking because of the glaciers that form a heavenly like white landscape. The base of the Kili boasts of Africa's premier wildlife parks and reserves.


The Victoria Falls on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border is another great sight. It is the largest moving body of water on earth. You will not appreciate it so much seeing it in pictures; you have to be there to witness its grandeur for yourself. The falls is called "smoke that thunders" by the locals because of the columns of spray that can be seen and heard from afar.


The Great Pyramids of Gaza in Egypt is already a recognizable icon. This is true with the great Sphinx. These pyramids were built to hold the mummified bodies of the dead Pharaoh's so that they will be kept safe and undisturbed in their lives after death. You can visit for more information about this adventurous continent.


The Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon. This is a beautiful natural wonder which was carved out of the Namibian Desert.


The Wildebeest migration at Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks in Kenya and Tanzania is a spectacular natural event to behold. It is said to be the most spectacular event in the world. Imagine 2 million wildebeest, zebra and antelope migrating in the plains of Masai Mara in Kenya and Serengeti in Tanzania. They start the migration from the south of Serengeti, following the fresh pastures up to the northern border of Kenya. If you want to send out more questions, you may click here.