The Best Safari Destinations in Africa


























The fun in traveling involves the discovery of new places, enjoying their charm and knowing the places till depth. Depending on an individual's choice, everyone loves to travel, with some having a preference of the deserts, some mountains, and others even like beaches. You will be urged by the traveler in you to explore even more once you start the hunt of finding new spots. As you make your decision on which part of the world to take your vacation at, make sure that you consider the top Safari destinations in Africa. Some of the places you do not want to miss on include Maasai Mara National Park, Chobe National Park, Kruger National Park, South Luangwa National Park, as well as Serengeti National Park.


Maasai Mara National Park has its name originating from local ancestors who inhabited the place in Narok County, Kenya. This is one very large reserve where you will experience some of the best wildlife views. The best period to pay a visit to this beautiful park is between the months of July and October where you get to witness millions of the amazing and rarely seen wild animals migrating. Chobe National park is located in Botswana, which is Africa's third largest Park right on the Chobe river banks and it is also a park that is very biologically diverse. Your visit to Africa cannot be complete when you have not visited this incredible reserve which is also a home for various animals including antelopes, lions, Kalahari elephants, giraffes, elands, as well as zebras
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The other destination you cannot afford to miss out on while you are in Africa is Kruger National Park. This is one of the most famous destinations in Africa as it is one of the biggest game reserves in the country. It is also a home for most of the rare species like the black rhinoceros, cheetahs, big fives, crocodiles, and also hippos. While you are here, you will also get to see a large range of reptiles and birds too. Since it a very well maintained park in the country, it is for sure an amazing destination for safari. More information about Africa are available in so make sure to visit it.


In Zambia, you find a globally renowned reserve in Luangwa River's valley, and it is referred to as South Luangwa National Park. Here, you get a treat to watch a wide variety of endangered species, up to 60 species of various animals, as well as several species of birds. You also get a chance to see the hippos as they relax in River Luangwa. There are more info that you should read about South Africa too.